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The Harmony School is a perfect fit for our family. Our son started in the 2-3 year old class last August and he gets excited to go to school every day. He loves his teacher, Miss Annie, and we can see some major developments over the last few months. He is more social with his peers in general, he is pronouncing words more clearly and making more complete sentences, and is constantly humming his ABC's. The class sizes are small and structured so that days include both education and play. We love that they incorporate outdoor time with gardening and have introduced conversational Spanish into our son's learning as well. I also can't say enough about the staff as you can tell how much they love the children in their care. They are also great communicators and send regular monthly updates and recap the previous month with a newsletter. We look forward to this each month and love seeing the pictures of our son and his classmates along with their many projects and activities!

Jamie E.


I love the level of interaction, diversity, and how my daughter is developing socially. People are always impressed with what she knows and its been great for us.

J. Williams


This school is the most loving, caring, serious about learning, family type of environment, diverse school you'll ever run into!!!! I absolutely LOVE this school!!!!! My daughter attended Pre-K here last year and she learned SO much and had SO fun learning. My son also just started preschool here in August and he absolutely loves going to school. And he loves his teachers!!!! The classes are intimate, which allows the students to get the undivided attention that they need at this age. The students are also so close, like family. The parents from my daughter's class last year started a group text and the whole class gets together for playdates to keep their close friendships lasting. This is all because of the nurturing of this school. The teaching is impeccable. If you want your child to be completely prepared for kindergarten, this school is the best place for your child!!! I could go on and on about this school...but I couldn't have found a better school!!! I tell people about this school all the time. Please check it out!!!!

Mishelle B.


If I could give a 10 star review for The Harmony School of Decatur, I would. This place is amazing and a true gem!! Having had the wonderful women comprising the staff at the Harmony School so successfully help shape our oldest daughter's (now 6) academic career, we now have our younger daughter (now 3) in her second year at The Harmony School.

Our younger daughter LOVES school. She is happy to go every day to see her friends, she comes home with delightful stories and has learned so much. Our girls are very different from one another, as many siblings can be, so it's been a relief and a joy to have found a school that worked for both of our girls, fostering each of their strengths, directing them each in ways that were tailored to them and what worked best for each of them. It's very rare to find a school that simultaneously creates an enriching group dynamic and caters to the individual needs of each student.

Kristy L.


We have been so fortunate to have found you all. My daughter wakes up in the morning and asks to go to school. It is so comforting to know that she is spending time with people whom she loves and enjoys.

B. Walker


AMAZING - a small, fabulous school run by three incredible women! It is the best deal in town. Worth every penny. The perfect curriculum combining all the top techniques with plenty of play and yoga, too! Thanks to Harmony, our four-year-old daughter is well versed in the arts; has confidence and balance; and she can read, write, and work with numbers. This is not something we've pushed, we assumed she'd get into academics in Kindergarten, but thanks to the Harmony school, she has already learned the basics. I wish they went to high school because we don't want to leave!

Carrie S.


A true Decatur gem! Unfortunately this will be our last year at this amazing place, however I am so very grateful to the staff for properly equipping my children with the confidence and academic ability to succeed at their next school. I cannot say enough great things about this amazing establishment! The teachers here are some of the most kind, loving and enthusiastic individuals you will ever meet. My children are excited about attending school daily and greet me with the biggest smiles and can't want to tell me about their day upon picking them up. I love their unique approach to learning as they keep my children engaged and truly excited about learning new material. I've never had any concerns for my children's well being and always felt that they were properly supported in this very nurturing environment. Thank you for giving my children such an amazing journey. We will truly miss this place!

Mia B.


We love this school! It's small and quaint. This year is our third year attending this school and my children enjoy it. It's a great combination of learning the fundamentals and playing too. The teachers have been teaching at this school for so many years they have their curriculum down pat. Every time we arrive there is an activity out for the children to attend to while their other classmates arrive. They adhere to a daily schedule which I believe fosters confidence and success in children. Their playground area is equipped with all the fun things for children to do plus a large open grassy area for running around and having holiday parties. The teachers make this school feel warm, welcoming and fun! In addition to reading, writing and math, the students also participate in science projects, Spanish, gardening and yoga. A well rounded, top notch preschool.

Rachel H.


I couldn't be happier. The teachers love and educate our children. The school is small, bright, clean, and cute.

M. Reyes


Our daughter "loves" coming to school. She was not very happy when school was out and I had to take her to the gym with me. She is definitely learning a lot and looks forward to it. And we are sending little sister too. She is now 2 1/2 years old and has an impressive vocabulary, a creative spirit (singing, dancing, painting), and a confident demeanor... Thanks in large part to the nurturing environment and wonderful teachers.

A. Oliver


It has been a pleasure to watch our daughter thrive. She enjoys her diverse group of classmates and her socialization skills improve weekly.

It has been a great experience for her and for us as her parents.
James and Gloria

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